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Mandatory History for Years 7 - 10

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Year 7

 Introducing History

  • A study of the methodology of the historian
  • As study of the work of the archaeologist/anthropologist
  • The terminology of history
  • The historian's use of sources, primary/secondary.

Ancient Societies

  • "Entombed"
  • Ancient China


Ancient societies

  • Egypt



 Indigenous peoples - Colonisation and contact

  • The Meso Americans Aztecs, Mayas, Incas
Year 8
Ancient Societies
  • Ancient Greece
  • The world of Socrates

Indigenous peoples - colonisation and contact

  • Plains Indians /Australian Aborigines

Medieval history

  • "Devils, Drugs and Doctors"
  • A History of Medicine

Renaissance /Reformation

  • Highlighting Tudor England



Year 9

Australian Social and political life to 1914

  • Federation
  • Living and working conditions
  • Suffrage and franchise
  • White Australia
  • Aboriginal experience

Australia and World War I

  • Gallipoli and the ANZAC legend
  • Homefront


Australia between the wars

  • Social change in the 1920s
  • The Depression
  • The Stolen generation

Australia and World War II

  • The Defence of Australia
  • Homefront



Year 10

Post war Australia to 1970s

  • Citizenship and migrants, Aborigines
  • Anti-Communism and the Vietnam War
  • Women
  • Popular culture

Post war Australia Social and political issues - 1970s-1990s

  • Relations with Asia
  • Multiculturalism
  • 1975 Constitutional Crisis
  • Feminism
  • Aboriginal Issues

Post war Australia Social and political issues - 1970s-1990s continued

Contemporary Australia

  • Egalitarianism and diversity in Australian Society

Contemporary Australia

  • Towards reconciliation
  • Republicanism
  • Heritage and environmental issues

Year 9 & 10 History Elective Outline



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Year 9

Mythology of Ancient Greece

Gods and Religion Ancient Troy - Homer's lliad and Odyssey

Ancient Rome

Mythological foundation, Society and Latin.
The Last Days of Pompeii

Asian Mythology or Celtic Mythology

Societies and language
Stonehenge / Legend of Arthur

A. Ideologies, belief systems and philosophies of the world

The Philosophy of Buddhism/Siddartha Gautama
Year 10 Elective
Modern World 1750 to Present

B. Ideologies, belief systems and philosophies of the world - Gandhi & 20th C India

Slavery and Black Rights in America

Genocide - the plight of the Jews

Problems and Poverty in Asia and the World

Gender relations, Heritage and environmental issues
Imperialism, Colonialism and Independence, International organisations and Peace Keeping'
Medicine, Heath and Hygiene, Racism, Technology economic development

Asian Case Study - China

Historical influence of Chinese thought / Confucianism on the modern times - Australian relations etc.

Senior Modern & Ancient History Course Outlines

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Ancient Preliminary
Investigating the past
The Celts
The Celts continued

Tutankhamun's Tomb
Tutankhamun's Tomb continued

Roman Provincial Government
HSC Course

Ancient Societies
Ancient H.S.C
Historical period
Greece 500-440 B.C.
Delian League
Greece 446-339 B.C.
Peloponnesian War

Julius Caesar
Historical Period
Rome 78-28 B.C.

Historical Period
Rome 78-28 B.C.


Modern Preliminary
What is History?

Depth Studies
The Reign of Terror France 1792-1795. The Decline and Fall of the Romanov Dynasty.
Depth Studies:

The Boxer Rebellion in China.

The decolonisation of Indo China.
Preliminary Core Study

The World at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century.
H.S.C. Course
Core Study WW1 and its Aftermath
20th Century Study-China
Conflict in Indo-China 1954-1979
Modern H.S.C
Core Study WW1 and its Aftermath. 2001
20th Century Study - China
Conflict in Indo-China 1954- 1979
H.S.C. Course
Core Study WW1 and its Aftermath.
20th Century Study-China
Conflict in Indo-China 1954-1979
Continuation of third topic


Subjects studied

History - Years 7 - 10 (Junior History)
Mandatory Australian History Stage 5
Classical and Modern Studies Years 9 - 10 (Elective History)
Ancient History - Years 11 - 12
Modern History - Years 11 - 12
History Extension - Year 12


Information about excursions offered or planned

  • Year 7 - Imax Theatre (Egypt) + Chinese Gardens + China Town (Site study). Additional site study - History of Hornsby Girls' High School.
  • Year 8 - James Adams Mediaeval Show
  • Year 9 - Australian History Mandatory Site Study Canberra, War Memorial & National Museum - The History of Migration. Site Study - history of the local area.
  • Year 9 Elective - Nan Tien Temple - Berkeley
  • Year 10 Elective - The Jewish Museum
  • Year 10 Australian History - Sydney site study, and history of the local area.
  • Year 11 and 12 Ancient and Modern History will attend University and HTA Study Days on various topics under study for the Higher School Certificate

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