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Ancient history

Course description

The Year 11 course provides students with opportunities to develop and apply their understanding of methods and issues involved in the investigation of the ancient past. Students have the opportunity to engage in the study of a range of features, people, places, events and developments of the ancient world.

The Year 12 course provides students with opportunities to apply their understanding of archaeological and written sources and relevant issues in the investigation of the ancient past. Through a core study, students investigate the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and explore issues relating to reconstruction and conservation of the past. They also study the key features and sources of an ancient society, personality and historical period.

What students learn

Year 11 course

The Year 11 course comprises three sections.

  • Investigating Ancient History - Students undertake at least one option from ‘The Nature of Ancient History’, and at least two case studies
  • Features of Ancient Societies - Students study at least two ancient societies
  • Historical Investigation

Historical concepts and skills are integrated with the studies undertaken in Year 11.

Year 12 course

The Year 12 course comprises four sections.

  • Core Study: Cities of Vesuvius – Pompeii and Herculaneum
  • One ‘Ancient Societies’ topic
  • One ‘Personalities in their Times’ topic
  • One ‘Historical Periods’ topic