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Geography underpins "a lifelong conversation with the earth as the home for humankind" - UK Geography Association.

Geography is about the study of places - their environments, populations, economies and communities and how and why these places are changing. Geography gives students a holistic view of the world, combining the natural and social sciences. This subject is vital to the education of every young Australian.

Years 7 to 10 investigate Communities and Environments. Students will develop geographic skills to enable these investigations. In Years 7 and 8, the emphasis is upon global patterns, whilst in Years 9 and 10, Communities and Environments are drawn mainly from Australia. Values and attitudes are clarified through considering issues, so that students become better Australian and Global Citizens.

Senior Geography

Course description

The Year 11 course investigates biophysical and human geography and develops students' knowledge and understanding about the spatial and ecological dimensions of geography. Enquiry methodologies are used to investigate the unique characteristics of our world through fieldwork, geographical skills and the study of contemporary geographical issues.

The HSC course enables students to appreciate geographical perspectives about the contemporary world. There are specific studies about biophysical and human processes, interactions and trends. Fieldwork and a variety of case studies combine with an assessment of the geographers' contribution to understanding our environment and demonstrates the relevance of geographical study.

What students learn

Year 11 course

  • Biophysical Interactions: How biophysical processes contribute to sustainable management
  • Global Challenges: Geographical study of issues at a global scale
  • Senior Geography Project: A geographical study of student's own choosing

HSC course

  • Ecosystems at Risk: The functioning of ecosystems, their management and protection
  • Urban Places: Study of cities and urban dynamics
  • People and Economic Activity: Geographic study of economic activity in a local and global context