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This subject is a Board Endorsed Course 1 Unit offered to Year 11 only.

Students investigate the history and development of philosophy. Ideas and concepts underpinning western and non-western philosophy and classical and modern philosophy is explored through various case studies. Philosophical ideologies of key figures, such as Socrates, Plato & Aristotle, Foucault, Derrida and Sartre among others are studied. Art, mathematics, politics, science, religion, ethics and feminism are areas students explore.

Course Content

Introduction to Philosophy: Historical Overview of Western Philosophy, Greek to Medieval including the Philosophies of Science, Mathematics, Art, Medicine etc.

Views of Eastern Philosophy: Hindu, Islamic, Hebrew, Buddhist and Christian in relation to the study of Ethics.

The Construction of Knowledge in Philosophy: The study of Logic through the theme of Ethics. Historical Overview of both Modernist and Postmodernist Philosophies.

Key Philosophies: Modern - Kant, Nietzsche, Russell, Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Sartre, Popper, Marx, and Postmodern, Foucault, Lacan, Baudrillard, Derrida.

Key Issues: Individualism, Science, Art, Politics, Economic Rationalism, Socialist theory, Psychology, Existentialism, Linguistics.