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Course information

Hornsby Girls High School offers students the opportunity to study French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.  French, German, and Japanese are currently offered in the Junior and Senior school, while Spanish is offered in the Senior school.

Year 7

All students study a short course in French, German, and Japanese in Year 7. These courses provide students with some background knowledge on which to base their decision of which language to study in Year 8.

Year 8

All students study one language for the entire year. Where possible, each student will study the language the marked as their most preferred in Year 7. Where the timetable does not allow for this, students will study their second preference.

Years 9 and 10

Languages are the only subjects with prerequisites for the HSC. With this in mind, students are encouraged to continue studying a language in Years 9 and 10 so that they have the opportunity of higher study. Students may choose to study two languages in Year 9 and 10 or swap from the language they studied in Year 8 to a different language.

During these years we regularly offer a study tour to Japan, and where possible, Europe. We currently have a long-standing relationship with Shukutoku Yono High School in Saitama, Japan, who send exchange students to Hornsby every year.

HSC languages

Students are able to study French Continuers, German Continuers, Japanese Continuers, Spanish Beginners, French Extension, German Extension, Japanese Extension, and German Beginners at HGHS for the HSC. All students are able to study Spanish Beginners and German Beginners, without having studied languages in Years 9 and 10. Continuers and Extension subjects are only available to students who have completed the Year 9 and 10 course.

Faculty information

The faculty of Languages is headed by Ms Diaz. The other permanent members of staff are Ms Arch, Ms Lawson and Ms Shen.