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Student interviews

A major component of the Careers Program is the personal / small group interview. Any student can make an appointment with the Career Adviser to discuss any matter relating to Careers. This service will be available to students and or their parents throughout the year. A record of major interviews (i.e. 20 mins or more) will be recorded in an interview log. The possibility of an ‘on-line' service using the school's intranet facility will also be examined.

Anticipated outcomes

The following outcomes are consistent with Overall Aims no's 1 – 3. In particular Aims no's 1 & 2 will be emphasised.

Students will be able to:

  1. Develop their own post school action plan with emphasis on the skills and competencies required for them to become independent learners.
  2. Explore, in supportive environment, factors that contribute toward effective career decision-making.
  3. Examine factors that influence effective subject selection choice.
  4. Receive assistance and support in the preparation of scholarship, cadetship and university special entry schemes.
  5. Discuss other issues of relevance.

Interviews can be…

  • With students and / or parents - in person or by telephone
  • By referral - Parents, Staff and or Wellbeing team
  • By request - drop in or appointment.

Interviews can be brief or lengthy, single or series.

Interview topics are determined by the student, staff member and or parent and could include but not restricted to the following topics:

  • Subject choice
  • Assumed knowledge
  • Prerequisite requirements
  • Scholarships & cadetships
  • Work experience assistance
  • Job applications / resumes.
  • University entry schemes
  • University applications Resources / guides.


The Career Adviser will be available as much as possible to students to discuss relevant career issues.


The timings of career interviews will be determined by the availability of the Careers Adviser and the student/s throughout the school year. Interviews can take place before and after school, during recess and or lunch or during students study periods. In some cases interviews may take place as a result of a referral from any member of the school's welfare team and or school executive.

Formal school exit interviews for each Year 12 student will take place during Term 3. Year 10 and Year 11 subject selection interviews will take place during terms 2 and 3 respectively.


  • Careers reference centre publications, this includes University handbooks etc.
  • Computer based career exploration program, ie Career builder.

Assessment guidelines and indicators of success

  • Record of interviews in log
  • Student survey / questionnaire.